SEO Vs PPC – Internet Marketing Or Site Promotion?

Marketing on-line is rapidly becoming a must for any business trying to stay ahead of the competition. Creating an effective on-line presence will open the door to many new leads and sales. Anybody that has been at it for a while can tell you that there are 2 very effective ways to get traffic and sales rolling through your site.

The first is often used to gain instant traffic and it is called PPC or pay per click. Google calls it AdWords. It involves paying people every time they click on your links. This method works extremely well if you know what you’re doing and what the best keywords are for your particular niche.

Another thing that is really good about PPC is the fact that you can have your ads placed on the front page of Google for terms you could never reach with SEO, which brings us to the second method of website promotion.

The second method is called SEO and in my opinion it will far exceed your earnings than what you could ever expect from PPC. The reason is that there is nothing stopping you from getting more traffic. Unlike PPC, SEO is free traffic that is much more willing to purchase off of you.

Though SEO is a long term plan it will slowly build your traffic over a longer period. That is why I believe it is wise to use both methods in conjunction with each other though it is sometimes hard to do with limited funds early on.

There are pros and cons to both systems so let’s take a look at why you would choose one method over the other. Let’s first look at SEO as the superior choice.

We already established SEO as a long term option for your internet marketing. One of the reasons I say it is superior to PPC is the simple fact that if you run out of money in your advertising campaign with PPC your traffic would stop in a heartbeat, whereas with SEO your traffic keeps coming even if you never spend a dime. Though you may hire an SEO specialist it is not absolutely necessary because you could learn to do it yourself which would save you a bundle of money.

Once your site is ranked near the top you’ll continue to see traffic for a long time even if you stop all on-line promotions. Another thorn in the side of PPC marketing is the simple fact that you’ll pay for traffic whether they like your site or not.

It’s also not uncommon to get fake clicks or just people who are curios of what your site is about. In my opinion PPC has its place, but should never be the be all and end all of marketing on-line.

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